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I agree. There is something that suggests the Hermit is possessed. I think that's what amplified the usual meaning here. I've always felt that the Hermit card is that of someone who is very focused and obsessive. He's gone off alone, rid himself of distractions, in order to concentrate on finding the answers he's seeking.

This is the Hermit to the nth degree, he can't stop searching with that lantern, as if nothing is going to stop him or get in his way. The lantern light even glows in his eyes, a light and a task that has possessed him.

He almost glows from the inside. He is the lantern, but this doesn't have the spiritual feeling that it would if we said it for the RW Hermit, rather, it has a scary feeling. Like he's been taken over. Like he will shine those glowing eyes at you and see into you in a way that no one should be able to see into you.
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