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Looking at my notes, one of the first points I thought was interesting and sparked more thought is the fact that the perception of archetypes has changed over the years. For instance, society's perception of a father or a mother have changed tremendously over the centuries since Tarot was born. And then, bringing it out further, each individual's perception of a father or a mother differs. So it would pay to go through the deck and write in your journal just what each archetype means to you personally, in this day and age. That's going to make a big difference in how you read each card in readings for your sitters. It also warrants a lot of thought as to how your sitter will perceive each archetype because you're going to have differences with the sitter. You could spend a week on just this one point, writing it all down in your journal.

Too busy or too much in a hurry to get stalled on this one point? Maybe you're not willing to get on your knees in the mud and muck, then.

Coming back to add that I didn't mean you specifically, Karl. I was using "you" in a generic way.
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