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Hey G.

I agree. (and didn't take that to mean me only.) Is it in this chapter that Dan speaks of the Queen of Swords, and the old "Pictoral Key" assigned meaning of "Divorced Woman"?

Divorced Woman back in the day = Major Stigma, rare creature
Divorced Woman today = about half of the women alive here.

mmmmmmmm, yes, card meanings are, like life, changing constantly.

This mucking you speak of is very worthwhile. In fact, I shelved all of my other tarot books when I first listened to this program, making myself ignore them until I'd written my own meanings for every card in my primary reading deck. I was very happy with what emerged, and see this process as worth repeating with other decks as well.

Your point about 'taking it further: how the sitter will view the image' interests me, especially as I am in a time of trying to listen as much as I can during readings. Can we be so blunt as to ask them?

When I have the courage to ask "What do you read here?" I am always impressed with how Much the sitters want to play. Is this abdication, interaction, or both? What are some of the best ways to draw sitters out on what they see in the cards?
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