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Originally Posted by Sleepwalker
There is that saying that the eyes are the windows to one's soul. I look at the Hermit and see that even in darkness, the soul is burning bright. Even in darkness, the Hermit can see based on what he knows to be true inside. He has a choice: to follow what his eyes are telling him, his own light, or to follow what the lantern shows him, an outside source.
But it seems to me, at least in this card, that the Hermit *is* following his own light--and directing that outer light toward that thing. We think he's using the lantern to guide him--but he's not. The lantern is just there to help him pinpoint what he's after.

It's like I expect him to turn like a compass and hone in on some dark spot--and you don't know why he's looking in that direction, you can't see anything there. But then he steps up, shine that light on it, and exposes whatever (or whoever) is hiding there.

In other words, you can hide from the lantern light, but not those glowing, see-in-the-dark eyes.
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