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Originally Posted by Sleepwalker
I hear you. I think the part that intrigues me about this deck is the dual personality. I agree with your assessment about his eyes showing his inner light, but I think the shadow side of this card could be a possibility of following what's seen from the lantern and ignoring what his eyes truly tell him.
Um...I'd say that was the "shadow" side of the normal Hermit. With this deck, however, the shadow side always comes across to me as far darker and far, far scarier. It's not simply picking the inner light over the outer light--it's that the inner light is suspect! The shadow side of this Hermit, IMHO, is that you don't want him to find what he's looking for with those eyes. I mean, this Hermit looks like he's searching for victims to kill or bodies to dig up or trap doors that if opened will release demons into the world. With those eyes, I really don't want to know what he's searching for and I really don't want him to find the right spot, and use that lantern to expose it. That, to me, is a shadow side of this Hermit. Really, really scary.
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