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Thank you for all the additional de-enabling! It never hurts to hear some extra turn-offs... (Although I still like the Secret Forest colors! Really, I do.)

But you did see this, right? :
Originally Posted by Cat*
Okay, okay, I'm taking [the Secret Forest] off the wish list.
I did go and took the deck [Light and Shadow] out of the shopping cart. Oh, what the heck, I'll take it off the wishlist, too.
Wow, I'd say that was successful de-enabling. Thank you for your help! I might come back for more...
I'm proud to report that I also took the Magical Forest off my wishlist. I can always look at the nipple eyes () online...


And I'm indeed back for more: I now ask to be de-enabled from the Sheridan-Douglas (is it even available easily?) AND the Froud's Fairies for further wishlist-reduction. Do your worst.
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