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I have two books to add. One is a tarot book, in Spanish, and the other one is an old book (also in Spanish) about the history of alchemy (useful for symbolism, and also because the last chapter explains the fool's journey with alchemy).

Interpretar el Tarot
by Laura Tuan (translated by María Angels Pujol i Foyo)
Editorial De Vecchi, Barcelona, Spain
ISBN: 84-315-2402-2
Deck used for illustration: tarocchi italiano (Milano, 1845)
Category: meanings
Symbolism: little explanation
Spreads: yes (16 spreads)
No sample readings.

La Alquimia (original title: Die Königliche Kunst)
by Reinhard Federmann (translated by R. Ibero)
Editorial Bruguera, Barcelona, Spain.
ISBN: 84-02-00672-8
Category: Reference
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