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*Falls over laughing* Nice one, Nisaba!

Silicon dawn - 'Silicon' is right. They're about as fake as a page 3 girl in the cheap sunday papers. The 'artwork', if you can call it that, is about as flat and 2d as a piece of paper. It looks like the sort of doodles I scribble on my notepad when I'm bored in a lecture!

Phantasmagoric Theatre - OK, who let the rugrats loose on a tarot deck? This is the sort of deck you'd expect a teen to buy, but not a serious deck. The colours as well.... *shudders*

Both of these decks look like they've been produced by a children's artist, who's been told the basics of tarot, then decided to 'make a deck to make a dime', as I often say about decks like that...
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