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21 Ways...Step Fifteen RWS The Emperor

The Emperor and SistaSpirit

SS) why did you appear in my spread?
E) So that you can see yourself in me
SS) how am I like you you?
E) You are alone, you lead a desolate emotional life, you think you are the only one who can resolve family issues. You are a know-it-all, who thinks your way is the right way, and you donít feel as if anyone could or would help you, if they offer you refuse with weak excuses, i.e. ďnot to worry Iíll get it doneĒ. You are a bit of a martyr.
SS) I got like this because if I didnít do it wouldnít get done.
E) It wouldnít get done because you were over critical of the process, you wouldnít allow anyone to do it without your interfering.
SS) When I left them alone to do it they didnít do it right.
E) they didnít do it right or they didnít do it the way you wanted it done?
SS) a little of both.
E) so what did you do?
SS) I chastised them.
E) then what?
SS) no one wanted to do anything I asked.
E) thatís to be expected.
SS) what should I do about it?
E) stop meddling in your childrenís life, allow them to make their mistakes and learn from them just as you have. Be gracious when someone offers to help you then let them.
SS) but what if things fall into chaos?
E) then I will be there to guide you.

SS) you look a little melancholy to me, whatís wrong?
E) I carry such a heavy responsibility and no one seems to appreciate how much I do to keep them safe.
SS) have you told the people about what a burden it is to protect them?
E) No.
SS) Why not?
E) I donít want to appear weak. An Emperor must be strong and not complain about his duties.
SS) that why you sit on that hard concrete stone, because you donít want to appear weak?
E) it is important for my enemies to know that I havenít gone soft.
SS) Do you share your feelings about your responsibilities with the Empress?
E) No, I would not do such a silly thing. If I went whining to her, she would lose respect for me.
SS) as you bear your responsibilities alone the burden is much heavier; you must love your family and the villagers very much?
E) It is not about love it is about my duties and responsibilities as The Emperor. I must take care of my family and the villagers; I must not allow my feelings to interfere with what is best for them.
SS) does being strong means that you canít be happy?
E) It is not my destiny to be happy it is my destiny to keep my people safe, to maintain order and enforce the laws of the land. The ankh is the symbol of the ruler so I will rule.

The Ankh and SistaSpirit

SS) What is your role?
Ankh) I am the symbol of power, only the ruler can hold me.
SS) why does the Emperor hold you upright?
Ankh) so people will know that Iím holding court and that they may speak.

Real Life

Iím beginning to see myself as others see me and thatís not so nice. The good thing is Iím aware of the what and the why so now I need to get to work on me. I have to take responsibility for who I am now and work at being the best I can be.

Iím really benefiting from everyone thatís ahead of me. When Iím not sure how to proceed I read the posts for clarification. Thanks everyone.
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