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I have many Doreen Virtue decks but the one i'm going to use is, "Messages from your angels" and this is my response:

1.What Doreen Virtue deck(s) do you favor?
Messages from your angels, and Goddess guidance

2. How did you acquire your deck(s)?
Amazon and a local metaphysical store

3. How do you use your cards?
I ask a question for either myself, or a friend in need and I pull out 1 to 3 cards, sometimes more depending on what I feel I need to pull

4. What is your most favorite card out of all the decks?
"Indriel" "You are a light worker, God needs you to shine your divine light and love- like an angel- upon the earth and all of its inhabitants"

5. What is your least favorable/understood card?
"Serephina" "I am the angel of families, a happy change or addition is coming to your family". - I just think the image itself looks strange.. I like the angel's wings but I think it looks like a cartoon face holding a real baby.. odd looking.

6. What else is important to you regarding discussion of these decks?
Whatever else I need to know. There is always something new to learn.
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