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i have...

Originally Posted by knowledge seeker
hi open arms,
i have the ascended masters deck, though admittedly i haven't read with it much at all, oops...
I read similarly to you as well in as much as doing so entirely intuitively, pulling as many cards as i feel necessary, and read them intuitively too, regardless of what the 'assigned' card meaning is meant to be.
thinking about this deck makes me inspired to do a few readings with them, maybe later in the week i'll get them out...

I have the angel therapy oracle deck ... i agree i also read then intuitively.. gives me a feel for what they might mean to me aside from what the 'official' meaning might mean..

i use my crystal ally cards and my angel therapy oracle deck every day i give myself a readings on various aspects (crystal ally for my daily crystal message and angel threapy oracle if i have a deep more pressing personal issues to deal with.)

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