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williamsson here, im new to this forum but, i personally, am a life long vitki and Tru to the High Gods (Teutonic/Norse). my primary aim in joining a Tarot forum is due to the fact that i happened upon this site while looking for rune study groups. i hope that i can give and recieve insight from all who frequent this site.
just to comment on a few posts, and share possibly valuable information, the blank rune is not historically accurate. if, in the event we as runesters should have to BUY runes, the blank is saved in case one is lost! in most cases a person would carve his/her own set and ritually charge each one individually. some prefer to do them in groups but, this ritual format when taking on many runes at once can be tiresome. the lore of each rune is DEEP and to have to carve, stain, and charge many in one night may effect the potency of the orlog (ON fate) a vitki (ON magician) attemps to impart upon the stave.
also, one needs to be very careful what information one buys dealing with runelore. as with ralph bum, or whatever his name is, alot of the information is historically incorrect and mostly inaccurate information divined by so and so who really doesnt care for the lore and only wants to capitalize off the non initiate that cant shake the pull these symbols has upon him/her.
i have found the best authors in my work are edred thorsson, guido von list, and ralph elliot just to name a few. edred is always the best starting place, he has written several books, most of which, deal with runelore, galdr, stadha, taufr, and various topics all of which deal with runelore from a historically accurate prespective.
as for the runes themselves. the runes are the keys to unlocking pathways to the various worlds within us so that a relentlessly dedicated person can truely "know thyself" in which case he/she will know all. this is not an easy path to follow and not for the faint hearted but the rewards surpass any occult methods for magic/divination i have ever experienced. the runes themselves are embedded in the very dna of our indo european folk. in most people this knowledge waits, sleeping, only for the possessor to awaken that knowledge. but, be warned once you awaken it your fate is sealed, your thirst for knowledge will be quenched by a life long journey of knowing that you will never master these objects. every mystery solved opens the door to another. REYN TIL RUNA!!!! ALU. also the germanic people had a different concept of time. the only things were past and present and the future was only hypothetical and subject to change. this is the concept of orlog (ON fate) which is not set as some would have us belive, it is ever changing and constantly transformed by our actions in the past and present. when a runester makes a reading he isnt asking the norns for the future but he is looking at circumstances in the past and present and with that he commands knowledge by the intellectual observation of deeds and actions or the clearly recognized way of fate which the vitki can change at will.
ok, sorry that was so long but i get carried away and love sharing accurate information with anyone willing to learn. anyone who would like to converse and share fehu with each other please send me a message. fehu is often looked at as cattle or in our society gold or money but, a more enlightening way to consider the full spectrum of this stream is a mobile force which within ourselves is most important which is knowledge. it is said that fehu must be used with foresight and wisdom and must be circulated in order to benifit the runester. to me this is sharing knowledge with those of a like mind for what gift could be greater than knowledge shared and knowledge gained??
thank you for letting me share and i hope this may help someone.
hail and fairwell may you be seen and blessed by the gods
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