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[I think the doves are actually carved stone ornaments that were on the tombstone of someone's departed spouse, but let's go with the notion that they're real.]

I get the unpleasant impression that the girl has been acting out her pride-suppressed/displaced feelings by using the doves as stand-ins. I assume that she's been jilted or otherwise dumped in favour of another girl, and she has killed the female dove (the less brightly marked) so that the male bird can feel the pain of loss on her ex-admirer's behalf. She can also admit to herself, when she looks at the dead dove, that she feels similarly slain. She can honestly shed tears over the dead dove which the healthier part of her was perhaps genuinely fond of, venting her grief, openly, without anyone thinking it's her wounded ego that's shedding tears after being jilted. Sick, yes. Imaginable, yes.
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