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Hilarious! I have to get them now, just to see which Tarot deck will pick the first fight!

Originally Posted by magpie9
It's not easy to keep playing card decks happy. They Need to be used, and grow fat and whiny and slothful if not exercised regularly.
You will have to learn to play cards.
If you already know how to play cards, you will have to actually start playing cards regularly, like once a week for an evening. You will have to come up with 2-3 other people willing to do this with you. Then you will have to pick a game (bridge, hearts, spades, poker, double deck pinnacle, whatever..) and agree on the rules. You will have to get snacks, and beer or soda, and placate your mate and children (if any) if they're not interested in doing this, or even being around it. Not to mention the terrible guilt involved in spending one precious evening a week of Family Time on this activity while your family languishes without your attention. Your children's grades will slide down hill, and your mate will start flirting with the water cooler at work, as he develops a little paunch.
All this trouble and expense and general brouhaha in order to exercise a deck of cards you bought because they are "pretty."
And no, playing solitaire with them is not the same thing. It's like running on the treadmill in bad weather instead of on the road. Pretty soon you aren't running at all, and are fat and slothful rotting in your cupboard getting dusty.
You want to be a good card mama, don't you? You want your decks to be happy and healthy, and really, you shouldn't adopt something unless you can take care of it properly.Think clearly before you make this huge investment of time, money, energy, and emotion, and inconvenience your family and other decks. It would be better really, and considerably less work and expense, when you think of it, to just adopt another child from a third world country, perhaps with disabilities.
Not to mention the feelings of your tarots and oracles about this. I hope you aren't planning to put these paying cards in the same cupboard as your other cards. Results of time together behind a closed door could be fatal.
Perhaps you shouldn't get these playing cards, after all?
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