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Re: Help this is catching

Originally Posted by Starshower
Are round playing cards any good? (To read tarotically, of course )

They come in ever such a pretty little round tin ...
Not sure if this particular area belongs in the Tarot de-enabling thread; the playing cards are an oracle in my estimation.

Tins are always good BUT round cards are absolutely annoying! Since the PC pip arrangements are not adjusted, there is a lot of white space surrounding them . . . not to mention the fact that they just won't lay out and stay put! They can't excape their "inner Frisbee"!

I am insanely addicted to decks and cuteness, but these strange shapes are a mere sales gimmick. I mean, the first place I saw these types of decks was in the Oriental Trading Company catalog. Absolutely not the same class we are used to here on AT!
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