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Exclamation Thieves! Whoa. Missed that!

Originally Posted by swimming in tarot
-where are the right hands of the young couple? At first I'd assumed that hers is tucked into her jacket for warmth (her jacket opens on the side traditional for a man, incidentally) and that his is tucked between the sack and his back, perhaps to keep some lumpy object from poking him. But if they have no right hands, why not? Bad luck? In some places, thieves were punished by having their right hands cut off.
Holy...! You're right! I naturally filled in the blanks and assumed that the man's right hand was hidden under the upper part of the sack, the woman's hand in her coat, but it's altogether possible that those right hands are missing! We should at least be able to see the man's fingers if he's holding that part of the sack over his shoulder, yet a closer look shows that the upper part of the sleeve seems to be empty, folded, as if cut off right through the forearm. And there is no bulge indicating a hand there in the girl's sweater. If one of them wasn't showing a right hand, I wouldn't credit this, but as you point out, both of them seem to be missing those hands.

It's wonderfully ambiguous, but I think you're right. And it really does change the story we're seeing in the card. No wonder the old man has let out the dog on them. To drive them from his door.

It also makes for an interesting contrast. Petty thieves vs. a "corporate" thief, as I assume the old man came into his wealth in an equally dishonest way (at the very least, we presume that the old man could afford to lose some petty cash to these thieves without ever missing it; or that he might have made thieving unnecessary for them if he'd been more generous to the poor). It certainly gives the whole card a very interesting and, well, timely bit of social commentary. The poor people get their hands chopped off for stealing, the rich person gets away with it and also gets to hypocritically take the moral high ground, holding tight to his right hand (we see it there on the door) and, ironically, protecting his ill-gotten gains from other thieves.

If we go with the idea that these are all thieves (and not much honor among them), then how does that relate to the primary themes of 10/Pents?
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