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Wow, Thirteen. There's really not much to add, except: to see the skeleton as yourself, you have to step INTO the card. Enter the picture. From where we are outside the card, we see through then lens of the camera, which is a little low, and the Empress appears to be looking above our heads at a point in front of us. At first I was reluctant to step into the card, because I don't rub shoulders with empresses on a daily basis , but that also shows distanced thinking about who she is, archetypally. She is the all-mother, mother nature I guess, and stepping right up to one's mother is a natural thing to do. Stepping into the card, as we ought to be, we stand at our full height, and we are also a few steps closer to the Empress. Yeah. In that spot occupied by the third party in the mirror. (Venus' mirror, that's brilliant!)

Now, who is that little girl, or is she the life part of the death in this card?
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