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There seem to be no "good" interpretations for the card, other than to point out where problems may lie, but I see the two individuals as representing its possible "positive" and "negative" aspects. The woman in blue represents our all-too-human weaknesses, which I'd say is the positive aspect, because we can often pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and do better next time, even if it is very difficult to do so. Her dress has almost fallen off, mostly revealing her left breast, associated with nurturing, compassion, and vulnerability/the ability to feel pain, and is near to the heart. The negative aspect of the card is the devil him/herself, in guise of a woman with bosom implied, as noted before, and likely it's ONLY an implication, as there is no nurture, compassion, nor heart behind the wrap. By the sneer, the devil holds his/her victim in contempt. The devil, too, is genetically human, but like the Knight of Swords, has turned away from any humane qualities. Some people do do that. The hair may be a wig, another false representation.

What might be the significance, if any, of the woman's peacock pattern dress? The peacock is traditionally a symbol of pride and vanity. What is the saying? "Pride goeth before a fall, and great pride goeth before destruction"? Is this related to the card, or am I looking in the wrong direction?
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