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Embracing that which will destroy us.
We can be sure that the face we see on the devil is not the face her victim first saw. Perhaps they both projected a loving warm kind face....each for different reasons. The victim wanting love and care, understanding and safety..the Devil looking for someone to hoax, bankrupt and Ruin, in the most terrible way. She feeds off pain and deception and most of all on the moment, however brief and passing when her victim recognizes what has been done to her, and has no strength to resist. The despair at the moment must be especially tasty for the devil.
And then again, maybe its' poison in that hypodermic, and an easier death for the victim. But not until the devil has had all she wants from her, and she is an empty husk.
Originally Posted by thirteen
The message could as easily be a warning of how a caregiver can be made into a demon if they feel chained to their dependent.
I was so struck by this, thirteen--what an excellent insight on your part! I've seen that a lot of time when I was in nursing, and the caregiver was way over the line into resentment, depression and rage. In our society there is no real acknowledgment of how hard and bitter that relationship can turn. The caregiver is supposed to be infinitely giving, and the patient infinitely grateful, and over a long period of time it often doesn't work that way. It gets very old and deteriorates quickly when the caregiver feels trapped, and the pt. feels misunderstood, but totally dependent.
Ashes, ashes, they all fall down.
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