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I don't see anything necessarily sinister about this card, beyond trusting ancient stonework to be structurally sound.

To me, the Fool looks like a woman, particularly under a magnifying glass. She looks like she's practising tai chi, wearing a black ghi instead of a white one. Tai chi is about focus and awareness, breath (chi, life force), balance, and coordination. It is practised in slow motion in deep concentration, in order that the movements become second nature should they be put to actual use. This also develops strength, coordination, and balance. At speed, tai chi is very dancelike.

Tai chi's three pillars, if I remember, are Spirit, Health, and Martial Art. Although physical danger seems the most obvious peril she faces, in this deck there is much spiritual darkness portrayed, which is the more dangerous. She faces the darkness that the gargoyles face, ready to tackle them as a martial artist, if she must. But the fool's journey is a journey of spirit, and as her eyes are closed, she is trusting her inner vision, her inner awareness, to guide her to enlightenment. Does she make it? Well, we see her again, wearing white, as the world dancer, with similarly controlled motions and balance, and an enlightened spirit.

I'm not sure what the significance of her headdress is.
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