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Originally Posted by swimming in tarot
An honest judge in the days of the inquisition must have undergone spiritual torture, himself, with every case brought before him.
Maybe we're being too harsh on the guy...but the way he holds that book like a shield really works against giving him the benefit of the doubt. It's like he's going to use it to counter any plea for mercy or reason. Likewise, he angles the candle like a sword, ready to stab it into the wood under the next "witch's" feet and set her ablaze. He doesn't look reluctant to face another trail; rather, he seems quite ready for it.

Even the wig comes across as a helmet, making him a knight on a mission, rather than someone seeking to be fair and balanced.

What turns this card around for me is what Karen, one of the card creators, said about her partner Alex putting in that other figure to stand as the spirit of the witch. The judge is walking away from whatever that spirit represents, including truth, conscience or wisdom. And in doing so, he seals his own case. Balance will be restored, if not naturally, then supernaturally. Very apt for this deck.
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