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The first one that pops into my mind is the old bat on the 4 of Pentacles. I have reasons, though.

When I was very young, my mother knew an old lady that looked *exactly* like this, complete with curving, long red glossy nails. Once, I had the misfortune of sitting across from her at dinner, and I had to watch her rend and strip the flesh of an innocent chicken leg, with those long hooked, filed to sinister points. Terrifying, visceral. Here 25 years later, the imagery haunts me, it took me a very long time, before I could eat chicken again. She was a vile, ill tempered, domineering woman. She used to make her middle aged son step and fetch, for her, and paint those gods-awful nails, every day.

So, when I first got this deck, and I was flipping slowly through the cards, the first time, I came across her, and went "WHOA! Ritchie's mom!" I put them down, with her face down, and took a break for a bit. I literally broke out into a cold sweat.

Amazing, how powerful childhood imagery can be.
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