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The King of Cups is the scary one for me. I had been on the waiting list for this deck and was eagerly anticipating it when Baba posted the king of cups as a kind of sneak preview. Scared me silly....The nasty old vampire is Nosferatu, the only vamp movie that's ever actually give me the cold clobbers. So I looked at that scan and thought, "If they're using N for the King of Cups (a relatively benign card usually) What are they going to do for the heavy duty cards?
Freaked me right out.
I ended up buying the deck months after it came out after having seen enough scans to realize that none of the other cards were as bad as the King of Cups. Funny thing about me and the King of Cups, though, my whole life long I've made my biggest mistakes (read: Train wrecks ) by falling in love with some Bad A** masquerading as the King of Cups....coincidence? I think not.
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