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Thirteen, I like your thoughts, once again. But, magnifying glass in hand, I am not convinced that I see the old man's right hand, either. It looks like it might actually be the ruffles of a white cravat at his throat. I can't be sure. Doesn't mean he doesn't have one. I don't think someone of his status would be treated as a petty criminal? But your reflections on class differences still hold true. Perhaps you recall that song's chorus: "It's the rich wot gets the pleasure, and the poor wot gets the blame". How does this reflect on the whole suit? Haven't studied the whole suit yet, though it's my first choice. There seems to be a theme of "selling out" the soul for temporal gain. I may reword that or eat those words later, but that's my quickie impression at this moment.

-the young couple may be gypsies. I haven't met any gypsies in person, I don't think, but they have the dusky good looks associated with them. Another example of prejudice, perhaps? Gypsies had the reputation of being thieves. If something went missing when there was a gypsy around, guess who got blamed? They were mistrusted and unwelcome because they were strangers and on the move (and perhaps strangers and on the move because they were mistrusted and unwelcome). Perhaps they still are. They were persecuted during the holocaust.
-the dog doesn't look all that mean. Yes, it's a hunting dog, but an old one, and its expression is pretty neutral. Looks like he's out for a sniff-around and to do his last "business" of the evening. Perhaps I am looking too closely.
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