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Originally Posted by swimming in tarot
Thirteen, I like your thoughts, once again. But, magnifying glass in hand, I am not convinced that I see the old man's right hand, either. It looks like it might actually be the ruffles of a white cravat at his throat.
My bad! You are correct that while his right arm *seems* to be there, his right hand may not be. In this deck I don't take any detail for granted, and so while I'm doubtful that the old man has lost his right hand for thieving, it would, symbolically, indicate to me that he's as much a thief as the gypsies. Of course, I'd accord the gypsies the benefit of the doubt that they stole out of need rather than greed if at all. Their attention to each other implies that if they did steal, they did so for each other, not for themselves.

What I'm most interested in is how this image relates to the usual meaning of the 10/Pents, which often refers to doing something with earthly wealth that carries on your spirit--like building a hospital or creating a philanthropic scholarship. You use your money to create something that helps future generations and carries on your spirit, rather than for earthly pleasures. Now, obviously, the BG may have a very different idea for the 10/Pents, but so far I've found it really interesting how it's shed new light on more traditional card meanings and this is why I'm trying to see if they're there.

This twist of the card being full of thieves...I'm wondering how that sheds light on it. My first thought is that it has to do with the idea that no matter what you do with your money, there's no restoring that "right hand" if said money was ill-gotten. Likewise, the legacy of a kleptocracy, where the most powerful are thieves, is that it encourages theft on all levels of society. Maybe even makes it necessary if that's the only way for the poorest people can survive. It would seem in this deck that the "legacy" that the old, rich man bestows on future generations is a loss of that right hand because he either makes it impossible for them to survive without stealing, or he demonstrates that the only way to wealth is by way of theft. Or he makes them scapegoats for his crimes.

Hits awful close to home at this time, doesn't it? People abscond with other people's money, stealing shamelessly and living in wealth, and younger, poorer generations pay the price.
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