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The first thing I thought of when I first saw the Empress card was the Empress saying "Honey? Guess who is coming to dinner!" I feel like this woman is not sane at all. She is dressed very richly, (and so is the little girl) and almost like royalty (which would make sense since Europe's royal families were pretty much inbred, which can contribute to mental disorders.) It's as if this woman is not the little girl's mother (she may be an aunt, evil stepmother, or not even related at all.) Maybe the woman did in the little girl's mother in some way, (or did something else bad) and Death is coming to exact justice. The little girl is not really scared to see Death, just suprised. Maybe because she is a child is why Death does not scare her, or sadly maybe life with this woman who may not even be her mother is so unhappy that Death seems like a relief. The Empress sits there with a dreamy smile upon her face, and doesn't seem to see that she is looking at a skeleton (she may see it as someone else.) She seems pleased to see Death.

The Empress card on most decks is usually not one of my favorite cards, but this one is very cool.
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