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Funny, I was just thinking of this guy.
Hm. This card has the feeling of motion for me, something to do with the position of the horse's head, the man's arms and shoulders, and the creases in the horse-trappings. Basically there is tension in both figures that is consistent with motion, and not a pose to try to hold.
Note, this fellow is in medieval get-up in the 19th century. Is he a ghost? Is he playing dress-up?
There is an odd quality about his eyes looking rather white, but under the magnifying glass they're not that weird after all.
What is odd is that goblet, which my friend swears is no cup but a figurine, kind of like those over-muscled action figures sold as toys, in those stores where khaki tanks are offered to boys and mini pink make-up kits and Barbies are offered to girls...still, in the 21st century! In the card, the "action figure" even seems to have a face, but it could be the lid of the cup. Don't tell me our knight has found the grail?!
I am quite unable to read the inscription in the entablature, or even to make out what language it is in. There is possibly somebody's take on a centaur on the bridge at the right edge of the card.
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