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Question A Stolen Chalice!

Originally Posted by astrologerdave
The more I think about the Zorro image the more it seems to make sense. Here we have a masked avenger type who probably has all his paraphenalia (mask, costume, whatever he is holding in his hand, and horse) hidden somewhere in that castle as Zorro had his hidden cave. By day he is royalty but by night he rides forth on some romantic quest. A romantic dreamer to the core. He is charging out of the castle on some mission. It would be interesting to know what he is up to!
I kinda agree with you, but we have to keep in mind, this is the BG deck. That means that in almost every card, we have a "shadow," a dark side. Always be suspect of these cards; very few of them are "innocent," and almost all of them are likely to show the sinister side of the usual RW deck meanings. That our knight is trying to mask his identity is very possible, that he's on a quest is very possible, that it's noble quest, however...not so likely.

Covered chalices (if that's what he's got in his hand) are usually holy relics, infused with great power and magic. They likely did indeed hold sacred wine (which signifies blood, yes? The Holy Grail was supposed to have literally held Christ's blood). That horse's head is reaching, and it looks like the Knight is about to give it a kick and race away. I think our mystery knight has just snatched this "grail" right out of the castle chapel, and not that he's out in the open, he's about to make a run for it. In true, BG form, we have the dark side of our Knight/Cups. Rather than a knight on a holy quest for the grail, we've got a thief. A man wearing the costume of a knight, but committing a criminal, sacrilegious act.

Which, being Knight/Cups, would make for an fascinating interpretation of stealing emotions. Riding away with emotions. Breaking into someone's citadel, as it were, and taking away their heart. A dangerous knight indeed, as it looks like that castle as protected itself for a very long time, and that treasure he's getting away with was probably well hidden.
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