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Good work finding the eastern chalices, Thirteen! I love how detective work pays off with this deck. I don't know if the things we're snuffling out are covered in the book or not.

Astrologer Dave, surely keeping both ends of the positive-negative spectrum in mind is laudable, and I need to work hard to do that as I go through this deck. In my opinion, to squeeze the most meaning out of the imagery in *this* deck, one benefits from looking at the negative angle first. Because bless them, the deck creators haven't minced around or glossed over or left to our imaginations, cards' negative interpretations, the way is often done in other decks...they give us plenty of meat! Hence it's a "dark" deck, and helps give insight into those other decks whose negative aspects have been glossed over.

I like the thief of hearts idea. Does he have an actual purpose for the chalice, or is it the image merely symbolic of a traditional negative meaning?

And is it possible that it's an "unholy" (not profane) object that he's making off with, or am I way off in an unlikely direction? (I've played Dungeons & Dragons too often.) Would that possibly make him a "better" knight, depending on what he was going to do with it? (Supposing this card came up reversed, and you had to read the positive meaning? )
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