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Dave's Step 16:2

Adept Level Step 16:2
Using a heavy black marker pen, I sketched out the Fey HERMIT card. That image is attached. As I now look at it, several characteristics pop out at me.
** The stick figure is slouching tentatively down the stairs. Note the long curve representing the body and right leg which is above the step but is feeling for a firm footing.
** The left leg/foot is firmly grounded on its step.
** One hand holds up a lantern casting rays outward.
** The other arm/hand is tentatively outstretched looking for something solid.
** Stairs go down, stairs go up.
** Round-topped doors are all around.
** MOST STRIKING is the head and tall hat, looking much like an exclamation point. Is this excitement? Tension? Nervousness?

This sketch is what I would see as a minimal representation of this card. When I needed a symbol for the Hermit to use with my wood carvings for a tarot card box, I carved just the hand holding a lantern. For me, that was the most minimal symbol that I could envision for the Hermit.

The second part of this step asks us to envision a minimal symbol for each major arcana card.
** Fool; Staff and carry-bag.
** Magician; hand holding a staff/wand.
** High Priestess; Scroll and two columns.
** Empress; A smiling flower.
** Emperor; Frown pierced by a sword.
** Hierophant; A two-finger blessing.
** Lovers; Two hearts.
** Chariot; Whip.
** Strength; Two hands clasped.
** Hermit; hand holding lantern.
** Wheel; Wheel.
** Justice; Horizontal line.
** Hanged man; Hanging rope loop.
** Death; Grave stone
** Temperance; Glass half full.
** Devil; Torch.
** Tower; Tower
** Star; Star
** Moon; Moon
** Sun; Sunrise
** Judgment; Alarm clock
** World; Uplifted hands.

I'll do the next step in a separate posting. Dave.
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