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in the moment...

(my part I)
Victorian Romantic 4 of Wands

I decided to breakout the crayons ala Mary Greer style and just started going at it, as you can tell, lol!

Different things caught my eye as I began choosing my colors. Things that I had not considered prior to drawing. The figures hands immediately seemed important to me. 3 of of the 5 figures hands and arms caught my eye. It felt as if they were reaching out to their audience, and I really liked that. Also the "wands" themselves as represented within the banner as it holds it up, and part of the wooden stage these figures stand on. For some reason, I never really saw it until now. Initially, I thought the drum would play a central role in my drawing, but it really didn't. Neither did the bird which I did not include at all. Also the crowd just felt vague to me, and I was not preoccupied with the representation of them in my drawing interp. It was the colors that meant the most, and directed me. The process felt free, and only now did I realize how much the reaching out process means to me in this card, although in my drawing it looks like they are shooing flies, lol!
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