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OK so I know I have not finished posting my reply to step 15, but since this step is quite shorter on paper I thought I would go ahead and post it.

STEP 16: Drawing
DECK: Fantastic Menagerie
CARD: The Moon

ACTIVITY 16:2.1. What is the most minimal geometric shape(s) or single symbol that could umnistakenly identify your chosen card's image and still clearly enable you to clearly distinguish it from any other card? Symbol - full moon, geometric shape circle (white or silver).

ACTIVITY 16:2.2. What shape or symbol would you use for each Major Arcana? (I took this activity very literally so I used only one shape or symbol per Major):
0 The Fool - travel bag
1 Magician - Lamniscate
2 High Priestess - scroll
3 Empress - cornucopia
4 Emperor - throne
5 Hierophant - 2 crossed keys
6 Lovers - heart
7 Chariot - a chariot
8 Justice - scales
9 Hermit - lantern
10 Wheel of Fortune - a roulette
11 Strength - a dumbell or weight
12 The Hanged Man - upside down cross
13 Death - butterfly or skythe
14 Temperance - triangle inside a square
15 Devil - chains
16 Tower - tower
17 Star - 8 pointed star
18 The Moon - full moon
19 Sun - sun
20 Judgement - a phoenix
21 The World - a dancer

THE THREE CARD DRAWING: I need to find a scanner for my drawing ~chuckles~. When I do I will attach the picture if I can figure out how, or send it via e-mail to one of you kind souls to attach for me.

I tried using the Fantastic Menagerie, but I just could simply not do it. Grandville's art is just something I could not break down, and I got REALLY frustrated trying. So I went for a deck with simpler images to do this part of the exercise, The Tarot of The Magical Forest *LOL* (and I had fun). Well it also uses animals so I thought it was a good choice *LOL*.

I went for a past, present, future spread. The cards I drew were:
1. Past - Wheel of Fortune (10)
2. Present - The Sun (19)
3. Future - Knight of Wands


1. Picture Description: (you really need to see this to appreciate it *LOL*) - What is happening in it? The Knight of Wands is riding the Wheel holding on for dear life (he is in the center of the wheel), he has dropped his wand and knows that was not a good thing. The dragon from the wheel is trying really hard to catch the wand before it falls into the ocean in the right bottom corner of the card. The Knight's mount (a very large toad with his tongue sticking out) is trying to catch up with the Knight and convince him to get on him. He playfully licks the Knight's foot which scares teh Knight even more making him think his mount wants to eat him!

The snake (from the Wheel of Fortune card) is no longer helping turn the wheel, he is just catching a free ride on it. It has done its part. The Cat with the sword (also from the WF card) is not happy. The Wheel is going in the wrong direction since the snake bailed out and the dragon (also from the WF card) went off after the wand, and the Knight of Wand's mount jumped on the wheel weighing it down.

The joey (from the Sun card), however, is quite content at the top of the Wheel waving his sunflower banner and enjoying the warmth of the sun.

How did you get from the cards to the drawing? Something about the Wheel of Fortune really caught my eye and I knew that was going to be the a predominant image. The the cast of characters started jumping on it and the 4 corners just happened (Upper left - radiant sun; Upper right - blue/pinkish clouds; Bottom right - ocean; Bottom left - sunflowers growing in a green field).

Did anything surprise you? The whole Knight and Mount thing cought me off guard and has me a bit perplexed (and laughing).

2. Note the following and their possible significance:

Dominant Colors:
Purple - dignity, wisdom, mysticism, higher consciousness, power, pride, repentance.
Yellow - intellect, brightness, light, happiness, confidence, fear, cowardice, bitterness, deceipt.
Orange - vital energy, pride, joy, spontineity, active mind.
Green - hope, growth, healing, regeneration, nature, bruised.
Blue - truth, spirituality, clamness, peace, serenity, melancholy.

Energy Flow: circular and grouped - cycle and baggage.

Direction of Movement, Lines of Sight: for the most part the wheel seems to be going counterclockwise. My eye is really drawn to the dragon trying to fetch the wand., Is the past trying to snatch the future?

Distance Amont Objects: quite connected.

Relative Sizes: based on this deck proportionate.

Accidents: none, everything fit.

3. Find the main focus - where eye is most stongly pulled

What does this suggest as the focus of your concern? That I fear the future, feel it is slipping away, but am making an effort to catch it.

What is the actual center? How does it relate to the focus? The scared Knight of Wands that dropped his wand and is afraid his mount wants to eat him. It is the character the focus is about.

What and where are the major energy meeting places? right lower quadrant of the drawing. The mount is trying to get the Knight's attention, the dragon is trying to catch the falling wand, the ocean is churning.

The action seems to be taking place in the foreground on the right bottom part of the card - right=future, bottom=unconscious, foreground=dominant, active, current.

4. Where or what are you in the picture? Speaking from this point of view:
What are you doing? holding on for dear life AND flying fast chasing that wand I dropped.

How do you feel? scared, ashamed, and anxious - on the verge of panic.

What do you want or need? I say I want to be left alone, but I that what I might be needing is some good direction. A good teacher to help me develop my gifts. I want my wand back!

Where do you want to go or what do you want to do next? honestly, I am not sure.

5. What or who are the other figures?
- The joey represents my friends.
- The cat with the sword represents work.
- The frog mount is what will take me to my future. It is a calling I am yet to discern or understand.

What is the interaction between the you in item 4 and these figures? Both the me's identified (dragon and frog knight of wands) are connected with the frog mount. Both of the me's are very separated from the other figures.

How are these other figures (and objects) also you? The falling wand is how I feel. Passionate, energized, but lost. The mount could be my eagerness. The snake the part of me that is tired and willing to with the flow just to keep the peace. The joey, my inner child always bright and optimistic. The cat with the swods, the me that tends to do all of my responsibilities (home, work, etc.)

6) Where are the greatest problems, obstacles, or stuck energy? The all lie within the terrified Knight. He has no confidence, wants to avoid conflict, but at the same time does want to get where he is supposed to go. He just does not know how (hence he mounted the wheel instead of his frog mount).

7) What is missing from the picture? The mother kangaroo from the Sun card.

8) What is the task or opportunity in your picture? To grab that wand and ge on that frog mount and leap off the blessed wheel for once and for all. Embracing the future and leaving the past as experience and lessons learned, not as a focal point to always go back to or to let my life revolve around.

Is there something that needs to be changed for you to feel more empowered? My perspective and point of view. I need to be willing to take more risks, and not fear conflict.
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