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Examining the other Court Wands gives me new thoughts on this card. The little girl's "wand" seems to be a flute, and the little boy's wands is the bow of his fiddle. I'm guessing that they're fraternal twins, and it's interesting that only in the Wands suit do we get two instead of one "page" and male/female rather than just female. As discussed with both the Knight and the Queen, there's an ambiguity of sexual identity. The "effeminate Knight" and the "transvestite" looking Queen. The suit of Wands in this deck seems to suggest tricks, twists, plays on sexual identity, a merging of male/female. Perhaps that's why we have our male/female twins in the Page card.

As with the other Wands, there is a feeling of putting on a costume. The girl, especially, looks all dressed up and ready to pretend, as if she's in a play or going on stage to perform (play her flute?). Everyone of the Wand cards has that feel--that the person singled out is in costume and pretending to be something they're not--like a good little Christian girl (?).

I'd like to point out that there are many gothic tales that involve brothers and sisters, including little boys/girls. In many cases, the flavor of these scary stories turn on the incestuous nature of the brother/sister. Most notable of these is Henry James' "Turn of the Screw" about a governess who thinks the young brother/sister she is watching over are possessed by a pair of ghostly lovers. In some gothic tales of brothers/sisters, one or the other of the siblings has died (usually the "evil" one) and the ghost of the dead one is still influencing, talking to, and convincing the live one (the "good" one) to do mischief.

It's notable that the boy is in the background, spotted by that light through the tree, and playing on his violin while his sister stands waiting for her communion in a dress very like a wedding dress, with red "bible" (?) and silent flute. My suspicion is that it's the boy who is dead and ghostly, and still influencing his sister--maintaining with her not only that implied, incestuous relationship, but also living on within her. Thus, she is both male and female, both strings and wind instruments, both holy and unholy.
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