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1)Describe your picture.
-What's Happening in it?
A golden pot of red liquid is smoldering in the distance as a woman walks along a rocky path carrying a basket of kindling wood. The mountains stretch out behind her.

-How did you get from the cards to the drawing?
Immediately the mountains in the QoS caught my eye and kept that horizon line going into the 10 of Swords, so it was a pretty smooth transition.

-Did anything surprise you?
How bringing in the mountain as another character could unify all three cards in one.

2)Note the following and their possible significance.

-Dominant colors
Purple(higher consciousness) and green(hope/growth), some blue(truth) both taken from background.

-Energy flows
The woman's steps blending into the smoke.

-Direction of movement, lines of sight
The woman figure is center, and it looks as if she is walking to the left of the card(past?).

-Distance among objects
The woman seems closest while the mountains and smoking golden pot(pot smoke???no-no-no-NO)is 'far out'.

-Relative size
I tried to make the woman central, I saw her as moving the story along, as it were.

Yeah---when I looked at the scanned version, this woman looks like she is walking away from a very large dog wagging its tail as it kneels and eats its poop!? That brown bit is suppose to be the stump of a tree taken from the 10 of Wands. I thought it rather odd, and then I wondered what was I REALLY thinking?!

3)Find the main focus-where your eye is most strongly pulled.

-What does this suggest as the focus of your concern?
That there is some real work to be done.

-What's at the actual center? How does it relate to focus?
The woman is at the center(yin energy?), perhaps activity is not the only way to be 'productive'. That there is something to be said for receptive energy.

-What and where are other major energy meeting places?
The smoke leading into the trees is rather tranquil, and the woman’s shadow beneath her feet denoting movement, heaviness.

Consider the following:
-left of card(past); The stump of tree that looks like poop…cleaning up the mess made, lol!
-center of card(present); Keeping busy, urge to clean up.
-right of card(future); a warm meal is waiting, sustenance in several forms.
-Above as spiritual; the mountains, stillness.
-Below as unconscious; rocky grey path, the difficulty in growing things.
-Foreground as dominant, active…work, the mundane
-Background as distant, less effectual…mountains and sky, beyond my grasp of comprehension.

4)Where or what are you in the picture?
I’m the woman.
-What are you doing?
Picking up a basket of wood
-How do you feel?
Tired, but I know it must be done.
-What do you want or need?
To get things in order.
-Where do you want to go or what do you want to do next?
To settle this bundle down, and then get something to eat/rest.

5)What or who are the other figures?
The mountains and the pot of red liquid and smoke.
-What is the interaction between “you” in item 4 and these figures?
The mountains offer protection and the pot with red liquid is my sustenance.
-How are these objects also you?
The mountains are a steadiness within me, and the pot of red, hot liquid is my wanting to know more.

6)Where are the greatest problems, obstacles, stuck energy?
I think they are represented by the tree stump to the left of the card(past). That I am tackling them, turning them into kindling wood now. Sort of like making lemonade out of lemons.

7)What is missing from the picture?
I think I included everything and a little more(without knowing it) into this drawing, lol.

8) What is the task or opportunity in your picture?
I think it just affirms where I actually am right now…keeping busy in more ways than one, and feeling rather motivated, interested in growing, doing, seeking out. It does feel somewhat solitary but I am enjoying myself in a quiet way. All the studying, and doing of things in new ways sort of makes the drudgery (chopping wood, and carrying water) worth it (the HP’s golden pot of red liquid and smoke).
I do think there is plenty to learn. The type of plenty that will be utilize at a later date.
You know I really enjoyed this step, and yes, it did take some work, but I am truly pleased with the results.
This exercise has given me much needed energy and focus to just keep going
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