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I received my Touchstone and it had - as I posted above - three creased cards. Also, within 24 hours of removing it from the box it had warped in all conceivable directions, something Ive never had before. I have written three emails to Kunati (and saying also how pleased I also was with the Quantum and I wish them every success with future tarot production etc etc), but they havenīt replied to any of them. I didnīt mention the warping, just the faulty cards.

Ruby Vīs post above explains the situation I think. If they expect amazon to take responsibility it would be a bit odd as amazon have no way of supplying extra cards. The extra cards have to come from Kunati.

Im not pleased. The cardstock is totally different from the Quantum (which hasnīt warped). Not good. Doesnīt bode well for future products.

I thought Id compliment them on their product as theyīre new to tarot publishing from what I gather. But I think I was perhaps a bit rash,
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