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King of Swords, all intellect, will and menace. Odd that he keeps his sword upright, rather than resting it's tip on the ground. He wants be able to go from rest to removing your head in under 30 seconds.
He is quick to decision, and inflexible once he has one. He is suspicious and wary...not a ruler who makes friends, or even wants them. King of Air and Darkness, emotion does not move him, not kindness, nor any sentimental thought...he admires intellect, ruthlessness, courage, success and the ability to give and take pain. His closed visor speaks of being completely impenetrable to others' advice or concern. He rules alone, in every way. His decisions are his own, and while he will sometimes listen to advice he rarely takes it. He demands loyalty, although he rarely gives it. His word is good unless it becomes politically expedient to break it.
Paranoid? Certainly. With reason? Without doubt. A very wise man once said that any totalitarian state creates an underground. The bone chapel...I've been assuming it was "always" there, like a grisly family heirloom....but in his case, it reminds me of the saying "bury the head of my enemy at my feet." Perhaps an ongoing family tradition?
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