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Question The omen of a wild bird flying in the house

hello everyone ,

I went for a wonderful psychic/spiritual reading today, I came home feeling much more balanced as things were put in to a much better perspective in my life.

When I got home (in such a jolly mood with a skip in my step) I heard a loud thump from the fireplace and the sound of fluttering wings, So I opened the glass shutters and the heat guard that was protecting it and a beautiful dark bird flew out, which on later research I discovered was a "Swift"

It took a while to let the poor frightened little bird out of the house, but I succeeded in the end.

Now heres the worrying part... To me, a bird in the house is an omen of illness, or bad news. I am very superstitious and this has frightened me a little... Can anyone offer their input on this please?

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