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Well, I hope I can put your mind at ease.

I'm not superstitious and if I had just had a positive reading then found a swift (light and fast, flies long distances, makes its home in several places, is beautiful, graceful and a welcome visitor because it rids us of flying insects) in my home and which I then released. That would suggest to me that a beautiful part of me which has the capacity to fly free, be of use to the world and be at home anywhere has just found its freedom!

To back this up I will just mention that my hubby and I run a plumbing business, yesterday one of our engineers went to a house where they complained of what sounded like a bird behind the fire (common here where birds fall down chimneys. They are overcome by the CO fumes from gas fires, fall down the chimney then can't get out. Our engineer went round, took the fire out to discover 12 pidgeons behind the fire, some dead, some alive. I doubt the homeowner will be keeling over 12 times anytime soon and we get calls like this almost every week.

Don't worry, I personally think it is a good omen.
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