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I always consider a bird flying into our house (yes usually coming down the chimney or sneaking in the open cellar door when hubby is dumping out the water from the humidifier) is a sign of good luck. A harbringer of news, a visitor, an animal guide (afterall, why your chimney and not the one next door?), and then setting the bird free after being able to hold on to them and actually see them up close. That is a gift!

We have had starlings, grackles, cowbirds, finches, etc. in our house. But my favourite was over the winter, before the holidays. A mockingbird fell in! He had the best manners, flying all over the house without a single accident! He kept perching on pictures on the wall or on the tree or the decorations with fake holly, trying to take it off and eat it! He was hungry! He politely ran around the oriental rug in the kitchen, rather than on it, and we both looked each other over when I finally cornered him in our bedroom! How pretty he was! We had a nice chat and then off I sent him! All summer long they sit on our chimney and sing their repetoire (apparently loving the acoustics) and I felt like he fell in to say goodbye for the winter! Next year I will be more prepared with various berries in the fridge/freezer!
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