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Originally Posted by The crowned one
I have a bit of time and would like to add to my post. As most are saying there does not seem to be anything overly negative in your experience with the bird on a general level.

News is on the way is often the interpretation of a bird entering ones home. In your case you came home to it and freed it. that is pretty specific. On some level you are releasing something. As it is a swift It may be "news" or "information" as a specific. As a bird I feel it is a good omen and the end of some sort of trap/trappings. I feel the fact that it is a Swift will be key in your understanding the full message.

Swifts can bring back forgotten memories, cultural understanding and learning.

( a bit off topic but they represent the fourth son too)

Thankyou for your input on this everyone, I certainly wont be throwing salt over my left shoulder anymore

I feel much better knowing that this is in actual fact, a positive sign..

Crowned one... It is odd you should say this, Quote: "the end of some sort of trap/trappings." As that is word for word, what the reader said to me yesterday!!! she also said that I would finally be free from my unpleasant, controlled situation and my life will be joyful from there.

So that beautiful little swift was a good omen after all!

thankyou again everyone, your input has helped a silly superstitious crabpixe!

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