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Originally Posted by sravana
I thought you said that the Piatnik was a granny deck!
For the record I bought this one. Why would I buy a 2nd copy of the granny deck?

ETA; link doesnīt work. O well, forget it. Somone might have seen it and liked it...

Originally Posted by sravana
Yes, I think that Kat's deenabling for the etsy lenormand is spot on. Yes, the images are wonderful, but if they are irregularly trimmed, irregular sizes, and thickly-laminated, then I certainly don't need them for $40 (or whatever she's asking for the deck
Except that I found her gushing about it elsewhere Nightgarden swayed me more actually.... I know these pretty collagy things often end up too crowded and somhow "removed" that you canīt read easily with them...
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