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Originally Posted by Nina*
At some point I'm going to get Legacy of the Devine (mass marked edition), no doubt the Shadowscapes (simply because it's gorgeous), a spare Deirdre (it's my current favorite), the Rumi (if people keep making me more and more curiuos about it), the Truthseeker's (because those majors are STUNNING) and the Sweet Twilight (looks stunning too).
Well ... let's see:

1. Legacy of the Divine: bad Llewellyn cardstock and packaging and useless Llewellyn companion book. Same work as the Gilded but with minors that aren't as good. Substitutes dreaminess and ethereal-ness for Tarot-usefulness.
2. Shadowscapes: as before ... bad Llewellyn cardstock and packaging and useless Llewellyn companion book. Too much SPACE in the images, will mean that when published there will be huge empty spaces and wee little tiny little figures that will be lost in the card. These images are gorgeous online, and likely as prints, but most definitely not designed to fit into the constraints of a Tarot card.
3. spare Deirdre: I know you said this was useless to de-enable, but I'll try With the money you'll save, you could buy a deck you don't have! Enjoy the one you have, and let it acquire that lovely worn, I-love-this-deck-and-use- it-all-the-time feel.
4. Rumi: it's just the novelty. Lie down for a while and see if the curiousity fades. If you do get it, you will have to learn all about Rumi and all his works and get sucked in and never get free. Never never. And as before: bad Llewellyn cardstock and packaging etc.
5. Truthseekers: yes, lovely majors. But how 'bout them minors? You'll have a dust collector with lovely majors. But as you've said before that ONE bad card can ruin the deck for you, how will you deal with fifty-six of them???
6. Sweet Twilight: dunno, can't comment. All I know is that it doesn't appeal to me in the least slightest little bit.

Hope this helps a little ...
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