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Originally Posted by direwolf336
I respected her and did not try to talk he into it, but I was curious about what people think of this in general about readings in public places.
I used to do readings in a coffee house, but the people there knew me, were friendly, and open to tarot card readings. The question isn't really about ethics, so much as what a querent is comfortable with, and what the community in that public place will be comfortable with. Which is to say, will the other people in that restaurant or coffee house stare at you or will it be no big deal to them? I certainly would be leery about doing readings in a restaurant if I was in an evangelical christian town and likely to be interrupted by people glaring at me and telling me I was doing something evil. Or even being told by a waitress or manager to stop doing the reading.

I'd be fine if it was a New Age restaurant and everyone around me was reading or talking metaphysics
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