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Originally Posted by magpie9
Noooo I Don't HAVE the Sweet Twilight! I have Other Wretched and Unspeakable decks and thus function (secondarily) as a BAD EXAMPLE, but not nearly as much as the Cowering Gregory In The Corner Attempting to Fend YOU Off With an Outworn and Progressively Limper Wet Noodle.

<Down Nisaba, Down Girl!><WHAPWHAPWHAP><Down, I say!>
I WAS TALKING TO HER! She de-enabled you as though she owned the thing. Of course, we all know that she *couldn't*, really - Gregory's not that kind of girl. Really. I mean, under that mountain of decks beats the soul of moderation and reasonableness, Right?

(Pssst! Gregory! Stop buying things!)
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