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The property I work at does not offer privacy in the lobby. You get your privacy in your room. The lobby is Grand Central Station (as most lobbies are). The owner would be livid if someone did readings there -- or anything that might make other guests uncomfortable. We have pet-friendly rooms but don't allow the pets in the lobby because -- lets face it -- not every likes dogs.

If you allow tarot card reading, what do we do with people who might want to do a religious service there? Where is the line drawn?

I'm not working at a 4 star hotel by the way.

That aside, hearing people say they will read where they want when they want until they are thrown out -- all I hear is that negative rebellious stance which personally I feel is senseless. How ethical is that? What is the Cause? Is it worth the disruption it would create? How does that reflect on other card readers? What respect does that show for others?

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