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Originally Posted by direwolf336
Certainly didn't mean for this thread to get heated.....However, I would be curious to know why you think someone would be offended.
As I said above, I have been harassed by people who feel tarot is evil. I don't *think* people would be offended, I *know* tarot offends the sensibilities of some people.

As a hotel manager, has this every came up? I mean, as anyone ever asked to do this or complained because they saw someone with cards?
I have not had any problem with tarot. I have experienced many guests having difficulties with the religious practices of other guests, yes. I don't want to go into specifics here as there are people of all faiths posting at AT and some might take offense at what thoughtless people have said about religious practices that differ from their own.
However, with this issue, I still am wondering why anyone would think this is a problem...
I have explained it as clearly as I can.
Btw, the anger icon was not towards you, it was a indication about my feelings on the matter, which is why I thought we had these icons. If you didn't appreciate that, I understand, However, if it wasn't meant to be used, it wouldn't be there.
I see.
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