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Originally Posted by Seafra
How can you say tarot cards are not offensive and bibles are? Tarot cards are like newspapers but "bibles etc" aren't? Where is your respect for the beliefs of others as you argue for the right to display your own? That, to me, is very unbalanced thinking.

IMO the bible is not offensive in the least -- but a person who thumps it in my face is.
Yes. What I think the issue is is that when you lay out cards it is very obvious what you are doing. Many people find it deeply offensive, and even frightening - as I would find it uncomfortable someone was conducting a religious ceremony (a single person, not a full scale service) in a hotel lobby.

MANY things in life are harmless and natural but best done in private. Canoodling in pubs causes major offence, even though it hurts no-one. Most pubs ask you to stop it. Shouldn't they ? How far will you take this ? Should that couple who actually made love openly on their plane seats have been prosecuted ? (they were, and successfully, even though they tried to argue that as they were 3000 feet up, no country had the right... ) They offended people with a perfectly delightful activity. I would even have been uncomfortable. Now, in a cafe or somewhere where you have permission - I can go elsewhere. If I am terrified of tarot and come back to my hotel and see it in the lobby - that is affecting my stay, and I can't just move on.

You have sensitivity to others and respect their feelings and you will get the same respect back.

As to where to do this reading - a park sounds good; so does a car. Or even a tent.... I can lend you one.....
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