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Originally Posted by Seafra
But, you see, you CAN and DO offend people whether or not it is your aim. Do you have any idea how many posters here are Christians? You have made my point.

Best place I ever read was a college ratskeller (bar). Do they even call them that anymore? But I was reading for free (beers).
i like the idea of a rink!

My families are Christians they believe in the bible and I respect that and others that do, I don't so I see the bible not as a holy book but as just a book...that's not demeaning their religions at all.

I am not allowed to say I don't see the bible as sacred, and tarot are just cards...why not? as a Christian you see the book differently, I respect that, and understand...but people don't understand that I don't see it that way?

I am not stirring **** I just have an opinion and its not the opinion some people want to hear so they are upset.

Everyone has the right to their beliefs without being persecuted, that works both ways.if i agree to respect yours, you need to respect mine.

i only used the bible to illistrate a point about what 'society' deems appropriate and what it doesnt, that doesnt mean that 'society' is right.

Its like people think I am a muck raker going round trying to sell tarot, and put off christians?? I have never ever been asked to leave somewhere because of tarot because I donít bother anyone, I am a normal customer, I am polite, I donít disturb people I mind my own business.
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