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Originally Posted by 214red
Everyone has the right to their beliefs without being persecuted, that works both ways.if i agree to respect yours, you need to respect mine.
You are saying that now but you weren't saying that earlier. You weren't being respectful of other beliefs IMO nor the position I am in as a manager and I see justifications here.

i only used the bible to illistrate a point about what 'society' deems appropriate and what it doesnt, that doesnt mean that 'society' is right.
That isn't how you came across at all. I don't mean to browbeat you but I think you really need to go back and read what you posted. Read this entire thread with your eyes fully open. You may see things you never saw about your own opinions before. There's the possibility that in the heat of the moment you said things you didn't mean, acted 'intemperate' if you will. Text is a tough medium.

Good luck finding a spot !
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