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Originally Posted by direwolf336
Ok I did find where you mentioned this. I guess then you are saying because some people view Tarot cards in a supernatural way or negative, that it can offend. I accept this. But what if I was a guest in you lobby, a paying guest, and I saw someone reading the Bible and I came to you and said, this offends me, will you be so kind as to ask them to put that away....Would you then ask them to?
Just to jump in for the hell of it - yes, if I ran a hotel - I might well, depending on how OBVIOUS it was what they were reading. Every guest has the right not to be discomfited.

But I would be baffled; reading a book doesn't usually draw attention. As I said - if they read it out loud, I would likely ask them to stop myself. But I have said it before and I will again - reading a BOOK - including a tarot book, a porn book with pix, or the Tibetan book of the dead - is NOT as in your face as laying out cards.

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